Get ready to join AG Fernandez aka AG 47 on the elevator ride of a lifetime! #Ascension is an album best described as a journey of AG rising up to become the best version of  himself, while elevating listeners by teaching them to do the same. 

With production entirely from Sept. 30th (@Sept30_), AG breaks down where he's currently at in his life: a comfortable place with a great job, great home-life, great state of mind and of course great music-making abilities... His eighth independent project and first official Wide Mind Music release, #Ascension displays AG's self-confidence through both his lyrical prowess and vast vocal range. 

Features include Black Galifianakis (@Blkglfnks) and Curious G (@CuriousGMusic), combined with a few real-life conversations and freestyling skits that let listeners into AG's psyche even further. An atmospheric and futuristic trap sound created to engage the mind, all 11 songs on Ascension flow cohesively and leave listeners with a refreshing feeling of self-power.  

Artwork Design: Andrew Townes (@DeadstockDrew)

Production Credit: Sept. 30th (@Sept30_)

Mixing / Mastering Credit: Curious G (@CuriousGMusic)


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