#ASCENSION Interview With

AG Fernandez aka AG 47

Q: So where did the idea and the concept of Ascension come from?

A: The idea and the concept came from me being on the elevator and living in that moment of thinking life is really like an elevator ride, like you're on a constant rise. All the battles you go through are the levels, each level. If you start on level one there's only one way to go and that's up, and that's the concept of Ascension. You start on level one and you make your way up. 

Q: What does Ascension mean to you?

A: Ascension will forever mean to me, first of all I dedicate this album to my grandma and my mom. My grandma passed away some years ago to cancer and I always keep her in my memories and promise myself that I'll forever make music because of her. So that's the reason Ascension means so much to me, I'm rising to be greater than my family ever believed could ever happen, you know?

Q: How did you and Sept. 30th meet?

A: I met him on SoundCloud, very genuine, like connection. We had a mutual vibe. Luckily I was into trap beats, thanks to Future, he's an inspiration for me as well from way back, and I got into trap beats and I decided hey I wanted to make music on trap beats 'cause that's a very popular vibe right now. So I decided to create it my own way and sure enough this guy came along the way and he made trap and we had an instant chemistry so...

Q: How would you describe the sound of the album?

A: I would say the sound of the album is super like ominous, like very weird. It's very like, I don't want to say super spiritual, but it's like there's some good life lesson quotes in there 'cause I read a lot and I try to remember a lot of the important things and apply to my life to rise to Ascension, quote on quote. 

Q: How is AG different from other artists currently in the industry?

A: Okay, well I would place myself on a lonely island as an artist who can create so much different kinds of music, but based on what people's minds are already trained to and the way they perceive music they may not be ready for that different change, but I believe I bring something so different and so positive that it'll be hard for people to neglect because the energy that I bring to music is just unexplainable. It's very rare, it's just different

Q: What is the plan for AG after he drops Ascension?

A: After I drop Ascension honestly I believe this album is going to take off. People are going to love it because I'm not degrading women, I'm not dumbing music down, I'm only trying to elevate it. I study some of the greatest artists and it's only right that I reflect their talents through me, so that's what I'm doing it for. I'm doing it for the culture. Shout out to the Migos as well actually. Respect to the culture of music overall man, music is growing everyday, anybody can pop off. I believe I will pop off because I'm very confident in every lyric because I put the time and energy in every bar so, just know...

Q: What would you want people to take away from this album?

A: What I want people to take away from this album is that you can achieve anything you want in life. Don't let nobody, don't let your mom, the closet people are the people who will try to tell you you can't do what you really want to do so... I think what I want people to take from this album is that: be true to yourself and never stop creating no matter what because you never know, people may just perceive it and actually vibe with it and it can go far so... That's the whole point of Ascension: keep building and constant growth

Artwork done by @DeadstockDrew

Production By @Sept30th_


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