RELEASED 5/19/2015


AG Fernandez releases his sixth project called CollAGe, showcasing his talent as not only a lyricist, but also as an imaginative storyteller. Throughout the conceptual project AG interviews himself in an introspective manner, giving listeners an inside look into the lifestyle of a college student and some of the valuable lessons that college has to offer.


Songs like "CCC", "Alobe Wolf", & "Doomrapz" showcase AG's fierce nature on the microphone, while others like "Conf[I}dence", "Tell Me How You Feel", & "TGIF" showcase his singing abilities in a positive light...  


Production credits include Nales (@Nales), Penacho (@PenachoBeats), Caz The Producer, UPSO, Dante Fance, Mykal Max (@MykalMax), Shayna + Sketcho &  Tut-Piece



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