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Film & Production

We can bring your next project to life whether it is a feature film, music video, or corporate spot. By creating three-dimensional worlds of imagination centered around your vision, these spaces have the ability to captivate audiences. We want to create engaging content meant to showcase your products, dreams, or artistry in the brightest of lights. 


Photos: Product, Portrait, Lifestyle, Event

Keeping your photography consistent in style ensures that your brand develops its own digital persona. Product photography is one way to strengthen your brand identity and to tie together its image across your web presence, while lifestyle photography enhances your brand's message even further. We also specialize in event photography, as well as portrait photography.


Music Production & Sound Design

By bringing more knowledge and experience into your audio, our goal is to bring your vision to life. With our experience across multiple  genres, we are able to create music that enhances and tells a story. Our scope of work includes: hip hop production, pop production, music for sync, voice overs, creative and corporate sound design, as well as Foley work. Other services include: songwriting, top lining, and musical development 


Website Design

Developing a website design that has an impressive user interface will result in a much better conversion rate, which leads to both better business and revenue. Our unique designs flesh out your brand’s digital body, lending it essential life functions – like usability and intuition. They work seamlessly across the full span of digital channels.


Digital + Traditional Marketing

Not only can we create amazing content to enhance your brand, but we can market it for you too. Through mediums like paid search, paid social, re-targeting and more, we can ensure that your brand is not only being seen by your audience, but that it's consistently growing and producing revenue via measurable results. We can also create campaigns that include: E-Commerce, email marketing, SEO, placements, sponsorship and ambassadors, partnership and affiliates, collaborations and more. 


George Lambriodes

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Founder / Co-Owner /

Director / Editor / Photographer

The original founder of Wide Mind, George has and always will wear many hats. A Philadelphia University MBA Graduate originally from Reading, PA, his current points of focus are working with clients to understand their vision. With an emphasis on producing and directing, he also builds websites, handles marketing, organizes events and more.

Matthew Macur

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Co-Owner / Creative Director /

Production Lead

Co-Owner Matthew Macur is the driving creative force at Wide Mind. A seasoned cinematographer, DP, and photographer who has worked with countless brands, he works directly with our clients to achieve the look and aesthetic they envision. With a degree from Berklee College of Music in audio production, he also provides our clients with audio production and mixing services.

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