Get ready to join Curious G as he travels through time in this loaded 21-track album! In 2015 CG made the conscious decision to move from his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania all the way to Los Angeles, California to pursue his musical dreams, and this album represents his story of how the last 2 years have progressed.


The 2nd song “New Home” sets the tone as it details CG’s solo cross-country drive, putting you right in the passenger seat with him. The album’s 5th song “Believers” details CG’s mentality after being in LA for 6 months, the 10th song “180” for 1 year, and the story continues to progress from there as CG finally comes into his own as an artist and starts to see his dreams coming true.  


With 6 different producers credited on the album, the sound of this project vastly varies from CG’s traditional boom bap style on songs like “Tell Me How You Do That” and “Name Of The Game”, to more of a pop sound on “Cali Dreaming”, to club bangers like “The Takeover”. Songs like “Hindsight”, “What I’m Doing” and “G Shit” were recorded before CG even made the cross-country move in 2015, and in total the entire album was recorded in 4 different states over the last 2-3 years. 


Features include PA’s very own Sir-Noah-Lot, Audi Medina and Ninja Neeks, as well as CA artists Black Galifianakis, EZ Forest, the Russian pop-star Julia Bry, and of course CG’s Wide Mind brothers AG47 and Nomad Jordan.  Additional voicemails on the end of every track tie this album together in a cohesive manner, giving the listener an inside look into CG’s adjustment to the City Of Angels. 


Artwork Design: Andrew Townes (@DeadstockDrew)


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